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First Time Wax

 So your a virgin .... well, to waxing anyway. You're thinking this is gonna hurt! Well, I hate to tell you this: no shit! Pulling hair from your nether regions by applying hot wax, then ripping that hair out... Yes, it's going to hurt like a bitch! But I promise that you will live through it. I am just the girl to get you to the other side, the smooth side! Male & female. I do males all the time, so no worries.
Your hair needs to be about a 1/4 of an inch long or 7-10 days of normal growth. If it's any shorter, it's not going to be smooth. I don't want to waste your $$ or my time, so make certain you plan your wax accordingly. I can't make the hair come out if it can't be suspended in the wax.
Be prepared to face the tweezers: there are going to be some hairs that don't come out, the goal is to be smooth. Also, if you have been shaving, you may have some ingrown hairs, I'm going to pull those out as well.
*About ingrown hairs: when shaving with a multi-blade razor, the first blade lifts the blade above the skin to be cut by the remaining blades, the more blades, the better the shave, right? Well, not really when it comes to your "soft" areas. When the razor blades release the hair, it has a dull point and is under the skin. The hair needs a point to exit the skin and when it doesn't have one, it causes inflammation: an ingrown hair. Use "Tend-Skin" to clear that up, we sell it here @Kiki's Suite Life Salon. If you have some ingrowns, no worries, I'll hook you up.
We all have different terms for what goes and stays for a Brazil wax. You don't have to look up the term and tell me what you want, because I have no idea what the difference between a Hollywood wax and a Brazil wax is. I can tell you that I am going to give you exactly what you want, although I can remember a time that someone asked me to leave a postage stamp and I forgot, oooppps. Sorry Dude.
As for what gets waxed? Every single hair if I can get it. This will be an "intimate" experience. I am going to have to touch you, all over down there. Get over it! This is my job. I know that it's weird that I love my job, but I have the perfect personality for this. I just don't care that I am touching "your uglies," your Betty, your Fred. I'm just doing your hair. LOL!
I have done every kind of person in the last 20 plus years, weirdo's and freaks, porn stars, divas, bitches, moms and dads, the pastor and his wife, pole dancers and "hostesses," and all are just as human as you and I, we have all kinds of reasons for doing this. I don't care, sometimes I don't even ask.
One thing remains constant: my respect for my clients. You are writing my paycheck, and I want you to come back and refer your friends. I love and respect all of you, you bunch of freaks! LOL! I NEVER talk about you. I never tell your friends that you visited or even that I know you even if they referred you to me or vis a versa. If you're funny in my chair or do something funny, oh hell yeah! I'm gonna tell it! But I will never use your name or reference anything about you that would allow someone to know who I was talking about. Like the nurse who was telling me about her patient that farted on her: we got to laughing so hard, she farted on me. Then we were hysterical!
I really want you to feel comfortable and at ease. Now make an appointment so I can rip your hair out!
* I give a crack wax as my gift to the world. No one needs hair there. Really, it's so much cleaner and easier to keep clean if you don't have hair there. That part really isn't painful.
Remember, your place for Body Waxing, Bikini Waxes and Brazilian Wax located at Go bare down there in Pensacola, FLorida.
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