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Clean it all up! Waxing prices for Men

Ears $10

Nose $10

EyeBrows $15

Neck $15 

Back $60


Buttocks $60

Legs $120^ more if over 6'


I know, no one wants the pain of a wax, especially not you, especially not there!

It's embarrassing to drop your pants to get a wax or even crazy to clean up those nose hairs! But it needs to be done. I can fix you up. It is going to hurt a bit, we can have a laugh about that and Ill tell you funny stories to keep you entertained.

  So what happens? None of it is like you have seen on tv, and not much of what you see on the internet happens here. No need to scream for Kelly Clarkson!

Im not going to put a stick up your nose and yank! Its softer than all that. I want you to come back so I cause you the least possible pain. I have long years of experience with waxing every body part.


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