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Some Stuff You Should Know:

* I do both men & women all the time!

*The hair needs to be about a 1/4 of an inch long, or about 7-10 days.

*Don't plan on going to the beach for 24 hours.

*Don't tan for 24 hours.

*Don't worry, I'll help you through it. It's going to hurt a little, but you can handle it.

*There IS a chance that you could break out after a first-time waxing. Aftercare is essential. Follow directions given by your waxer. She/you forgot? Call or text anytime! 850.450.6306.


Time For a re-wax? What's the re-do on waxing?

So, you've lived through your first wax. What's the next step? Well, while waxing can last up to five weeks, the best result is achieved when waxing is done about every three weeks. The hair grows back much softer and if you want your skin to stay smooth, wax it again after three weeks. It hurts much less then the first wax. Upkeep is sooo much easier and cheaper.



I offer some great "love deals"! If you love me and tell your friends, refer 3 clients and get a free wax!

Love love love: get your 3 week wax for $40!


Brazilian and all body waxing stings, there really is no getting around it. The best defense against serious pain is to go to a highly trained, experienced technician. Waxing down there is a tricky situation not to be left to a tech that has only done it a few times. Choose your tech wisely!

Don't be shy, it's just me. I've done this LOTS and your in good hands. No need to be shy, just drop trou and lie down. Let it all hang out. I do this all the time, you have nothing that I haven't seen before, at least twice. SO relax, I don't judge you.

Brazilian waxing takes only about 20 minutes and is not as painful as your girlfriend was whining about, you know how she loves drama, she exaggerates! It stings, but the pain goes away very quickly with very little lasting effect, except that smooth feeling! That smooth feeling will last about 3 weeks depending on your hair growth. It comes back slowly, not like shaving. It won't itch when it comes back, and you don't have to re-wax, there's no commitment. When it grows back, it will be just as it was before.

Waxing long term gives long term results! It takes a while, but after a few years of regular waxing, only a small portion of the hair will remain. This depends on your body, there is no telling how your body will react.

Before coming for your wax, make sure that your hair is at least 1/4 inch long, that's 7 to 10 days growth for the average person. If you have normal hygiene habits, (shower daily) no worries that you might offend your tech. I know that you sweat, that you worked all day, no worries really! 

Remember, your place for Body Waxing, Bikini Waxes and Brazilian Wax located inside Kiki's Suite Life Salon in Pensacola, FL.

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